Fly Fishing Sling Packs Review – 4 Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs To Choose!

For the good of humanity, the days are finally over for anglers to carry their gears and essentials invests. Even though I was fortunate enough for not having to go angling with a vest full of gears, still the mere feel of going to a sport as dynamic and happening as Fly fishing with a vest filled to limit with gears and equipment isn’t the most pleasant thought.

Nonetheless, thank goodness we have brilliantly engineered sling packs that aren’t just monstrous when it comes to holding gears and equipment but also intelligently designed to offer as much ease of movement as possible.  But there’s another black cat in the darkroom and that’s all about choosing the best sling pack. Obviously, with so many choices, it can be overwhelming for many to choose the right one. Well, guess you are in luck today as we bring you the best fly fishing sling pack review that will surely help you make a wise decision.

But before we began, it will be better to have a brief introduction to sling packs for those of you who are new to the trade. Now, there are various essential aspects of a good sling pack including attachments, nets, pliers, broad straps, swing system etc. All you need to do is to find the best fly fishing sling pack and get ready to maximize your fishing experience.

Benefits of choosing a Sling Pack

To be honest, sling packs are more than a mere storage bags, in fact, they are more of strategic equipment for anglers to store all their gears and essential in a systematic manner with easy to reach mechanism and freedom of movement.

Few of the more pronounced benefits of slingshot include:

  • A high-quality sling pack would come with an excess capacity to store most of the gears and essentials required by most anglers. Now, the best part is that it isn’t just able to store large stocks of equipment, rather it also offers an easy to access system to reach out for any gear. With the rotating system, you can easily swing it to your front side and check past all the gears easily. The different compartments and pockets made into sling packs also offer great versatility to anglers as they can easily manage different gears with a systematic and easy to access manner.
  • There are two different types of sling packs available in the market as per their hanging place, including waist hanging and hip hanging. What’s incredible is the fact that both of these packs come with a unique rotation system that enables convenient access to gears. However, it’s better to understand that the waist sling packs come with a slight downside that they can get water inundated when you cross waist-high waters.

All in all, fly fishing is a great versatile gear that comes with various strategic advantages. Just a little caution; make sure to choose a sling with broad padded and adjustable straps, so as to even out the weight of the sling.

4 Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs

Ok, now that we have a brief introduction of the sling packs and why you need to buy one before the next fishing experience, let’s just help you out in making the right choice by quickly briefing the 5 best fly fishing sling packs

  1.    Fishpond Thunderhead Sling Pack

The Ultimate Waterproof Sling Pack!

It’s only rational to think about the waterproofing ability of your gears when you are up to water sports and fly fishing is no exception. That’s one reason why this Fishpond Thunderhead Sling Pack tops our list of the best fly-fishing sling packs. It’s simply a brilliantly engineered product that is designed exceptionally well. The sling pack is manufactured using commercial fishing net fabric that is sourced from recycling. The fabric is then layered with TBU welded fabric to add the strength and waterproofing of the sling pack. What really makes it striking is that the Fishpond Thunderhead Sling Pack comes with a waterproof exterior pocket as well as the submersible zipper.


  • The ultimate waterproof sling pack
  • High on durability – will last longer than you expected
  • Water-resistant exterior pocket and a submersible zipper
  • Back panel mesh for air circulation


  • The opening of the main compartment is a little congested than our liking
  • It lacks aesthetics
  • Single color availability


  1.    Spiderwire Black Sling Tackle Pack Backpack

The ultimate Value for money!

Spiderwire Black Sling Tackle Pack Backpack is a powerful and durable fly fishing sling pack that gives you the full value of your money. The exterior of the sling pack is made using a high-quality rugged polyester fabric. There’s a special padded fleece lining available for safe storage of fishing glasses as well, while not to forget an amazing Utility tackle box that comes as a bonus (yup, we told you it’s value for your money thing!).

Spiderwire Black Sling Tackle Pack Backpack is loaded with waterproof zipped pockets that ensure safe and systematic arrangement of all fishing gears and essentials. Although it isn’t the largest sling pack available in the market, it’s just the right size to help you store all essential gears you’ll ever need.


  • Free Utility Tackle Box
  • Lightweight
  • Manufactured using strong rugged polyester fabric
  • High durability
  • Adjustable straps
  • Enough storage capacity
  • Amazing price
  • Aesthetically pleasant design


  • Spiderwire Black Sling Tackle Pack Backpack is only available in one color
  1.    Tactical Sling Bag Cross Body Chest

What really amazing about Tactical Sling Bag Cross Body Chest is its lightweight, keeping in view the fact that it’s manufactured using high-quality waterproof nylon fabric. Now, apart from the lightweight that adds to the utility of the sling pack, the interior of the pack is masterly padded with elastic cotton, for added protection and safety of fragile gears.

The Tactical Sling Bag Cross Body Chest comes with decent storage space on the inside and 3 utility pockets on the outside. The inside of the sling pack comes with the main compartment along with 2 added pockets, which are tactically designed to store mobiles and GPS devices.


  • Unlike the above two, Tactical Sling Bag Cross Body Chest comes with various colors to choose from
  • It’s remarkably lightweight
  • Breathable and easy to carry
  • Tactically designed
  • High durability thanks to 600D nylon fabric
  • Tactical pockets
  • Padded interior of safety and protection
  • Amazing value for money


  • The stitching and interior lining of the Tactical Sling Bag Cross Body Chest is not the best quality
  • Relatively low on storage space
  • It isn’t as much waterproof as some of the other sling packs listed
  1.    Fishpond Summit Sling Fly Fishing Pack

The first thing that you’ll notice in Fishpond Summit Sling Fly Fishing Pack is its mammoth storage space. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest fly fishing sling packs available in the market that offers lots of versatility as well. The sling pack comes with an integrated net sleeve, 3D outer pocket, hooks, and loops that add value to its overall design.

Fishpond Summit Sling Fly Fishing Pack is manufactured using Cyclepond recycle fabric, which is a damn solid and durable material. Waterproof zippers, adjustable lash tabs and Hypalon attachment point sum up this high utility and tactical fly fishing sling pack.


  • Multiple color options
  • High-quality built
  • Easy to carry
  • Padded and adjustable straps
  • Water bottle holder
  • Spacious interior storage capacity
  • Back mesh



  • A little odd but this sling pack isn’t suited well for left-handed people
  • The water bottle holder isn’t placed on the ideal spot, with respect to ease of access
  • Not waterproof

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