How to teach your kids to fish


Teaching your kids how to fish can be a struggle and can even be dangerous for you and your children. Teaching a kid how to fish can be dangerous because a kid can fall in the water or hook themselves or someone around them. Most kids do not know how to cast a rod and reel properly, so be careful to keep them from hooking themselves or others.


The first step in teaching your kid how to fish is to invest in the right gear for them. Children will have a very difficult time learning to fish with an adult sized rod. That is why you should buy a kids sized fishing pole. Kids sized fishing pole is great for teaching a small child how to cast, reel, and more. These poles are only about 3-4 feet long and allow the kid to have great control of the rod and accuracy.


Another great type of rod that is good for a kid to use is a telescopic fishing rod. These rods are good for kids because they are extremely durable and can be easily transported from one place to another. Telescopic rods are retractable and can be stored in a small container. Also, their size can be controlled. Not only can an adult adjust a retractable telescopic rod to their desired size, but it can be adjusted to a kid’s size as well.


Another thing to keep in mind is the bait to use while teaching someone how to fish. Obviously, kids do not know how to work a lure, so be sure to use good live bait such as worms, crickets, or other easy to hook bugs. You want the person learning to fish to be able to catch something easily, and live bait is the best way to do this.


The first thing you should teach your kid how to do it to cast.  Casting is the most dangerous part of fishing because kids will often hook themselves in the back, hook someone around them, or throw the link over a tree.  Teach your kid to always check his or her surroundings before throwing a hook into the water. Make sure no one is behind or beside when casting. The next thing you should teach your kids is how to hold the rod. The rod should be held with the tip up in the air and hands at the base. Ideally, one finger should be touching the line to feel for any bites or nibbles. Next is the hardest part. Trying to teach your kid patience when fishing can be difficult. Fishing is a sport that often requires a lot of patience. The longer the hook is in the water, the better chance you have at catching a fish. Lastly, children should be taught where to fish. You can’t just walk up to a shallow bank and throw the hook in 4 inches of water and expect to catch a fish. Children should be directed to throw their hooks in deeper areas or shaded areas such as around docks or near trees and bushes.


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