ODFW eliminates bag limit at Chickahominy Reservoir due to low water levels


HINES, Ore. – ODFW is temporarily lifting possession and size limits for trout at Chickahominy Reservoir near the town of Riley due to low reservoir water levels and current drought conditions.

The temporary rule will be in effect from April 14 through Oct. 10. Other current angling gear restrictions (fishing rod and hook) remain in place for now but may be removed in the future.

The reservoir is currently less than 10 percent full with about six feet of water in the deepest spot. “Recent sampling showed there are plenty of trout available so we hope anglers can take advantage of some good spring fishing while conditions are still suitable for these fish to survive,” said Kirk Handley, Assistant District Fish Biologist.

ODFW encourages anglers to keep any fish that they catch.




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